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A desire to be a future business professional or entrepreneur is the input we want you to possess. Then the three year program at GJ-IMT will help you materialize those dreams.

This on-campus, 3 year full-time course is offered on the GJ-IMT campus through the Department of Business Administration.

Why BBA and why at GJ-IMT?

Being the 61st ranked B school nationally and the best B school in Punjab, GJ-IMT is a natural destination for management education.

The demand for trained manpower for the industry and the increasingly competitive scenario at B schools has created a need for quality business education at the graduate level. The degree of Bachelor of Business Administration provides a broad and comprehensive learning of the conceptual skills necessary for a future business leader. BBA also allows the students to get an appreciation of the importance of soft skills like communication skills and leadership at an age where it is easier to develop it. BBA is also a very valuable learning platform for future entrepreneurs and self employed. It allows an extended period of exposure to business problem and identification processes.

BBA at GJ-IMT becomes a natural choice considering the expertise of the management department and the mental, academic and professional acumen an undergraduate student would be exposed to. GJ-IMT has a long experience at training MBA students quite successfully. The rich industry interface not only provides a BBA student to experience first hand the rigors of the corporate sector, the inputs from the interface enriches the classroom experience too.

How does GJ-IMT prepare you?

At GJ-IMT, the emphasis is on the development of a change oriented positive individual with a good grasp of the fundamentals. A significant part of the three year BBA program seeks to seamlessly integrate the development of soft skills into the conceptual and core curriculum. You will benefit from the diverse perspectives of teachers who possess a set of rich and varied bouquet of experiences from around the globe.

The Fundamentals
The beginning of a bright career as a manager and future leader begins with imbibing the basics. Your core curriculum provides the basic fundamentals of the various subjects in the management stream and a knowledge base that is fundamental to understanding managed organizations, the complex functional interrelationships within them, and the external markets in which they operate.

Knowing and Doing
During your three years at GJ-IMT, the academic rigors will be liberally garnished with on hand work experience structured to provide an appreciation of concepts learnt in the classroom in a simulated or actual industry setting. Because there is no substitute for hands-on experience you will apply knowledge to real-world practice during your summer training and regular projects in the industry.

Admission & Prerequisites
The admission schedule for the BBA program are advertised by the PTU, Jalandhar in the National dailies of the region & the PTU prospectus for admission are available at different affiliated institutes. The marks of the applicants in the 10+2 examination are sole criteria for admission to BBA program. The merit list prepared on the basis of applications submitted at the institute is displayed in the institute on the days of counselling which are determined by the University.
Course Objectives
The objectives of the BBA are to:

To impart quality, durable and enduring education in the field of business management.
To supplement the conceptual learning with the honing of soft and behavioral skills.
To provide significant exposure of the nuances of the corporate world and the society through structured industry interfaces.
To develop an analytical yet compassionate outlook and approach.
To broaden the horizons of the students and give a global appreciation to the concepts.
To instill corporate and social responsiveness along with a significant emphasis on ethics.
To prepare a fertile intellectual field for higher education in the field of Business Management.

Career Outcomes
Your association with GJ-IMT for BBA prepares you for a more rigorous and extensive management education or become a successful entrepreneur. Soft and hard skills necessary to create and establish an exciting, growth oriented career are imparted. In the course of this transformative experience, you will build an enduring foundation of knowledge that will serve you well in leadership roles throughout your career.
Course Content
BBA Course has been professionally designed to impart quality education to students at the under-graduate level in the field of computers. BBA course helps the students to learn the State-of-the-art managerial skills. The course is designed in such a way that the student is trained to suit the needs of the corporate world.

Course Content - BBA

 I Semester:

 II Semester:

BB 101 (N2) Principles of Management
BB 102 (N2) Business Mathematics
BB 103 (N2) Microeconomics
BB 104 (N2) Organization Behavior
BB 105 (N2) Business Communication I
BB 106 (N2) Introduction to Computers - I
BB 201 (N2) Financial Accounting
BB 202 (N2) Macroeconomics
BB 203 (N2) Business Laws I
BB 204 (N2) Human Resource Management
BB 205 (N2) Business Communication II
BB 206 (N2) Introduction to Computers II

 III Semester:

 IV Semester:

BB 301 (N2) Indian Economy
BB 302 (N2) Marketing Management
BB 303 (N2) Cost and Management Accounting
BB 304 (N2) Business Statistics
BB 305 (N2) Production and Operations Mgmt.
BB 306 (N2) Seminar
BB 401 (N2) Research Methodology
BB 402 (N2) Financial Management
BB 403 (N2) Consumer Behavior
BB 404 (N2) Business Laws II
BB 405 (N2) Quality Management
BB 406 (N2) Introduction to Database                    Management Systems

 V Semester:

 VI Semester:

BB 501 (N2) Business Environment
BB 502 (N2) Project Management
BB 503 (N2) Advertising and Sales Management
BB 504 (N2) Marketing Research
BB 505 (N2) Management Information Systems
BB 506 (N2) Seminar on Training Report

BB 601 (N2) Corporate Strategy
BB 602 (N2) Entrepreneurship
BB 603 (N2) Services Marketing
BB 604 (N2) Business Laws III
BB 605 (N2) Banking and Working Capital
BB 606 (N2) Project Presentation
CE 216 (N2) Environmental Science
Note: N2 denotes new syllabus applicable from year 2002
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